The Impact of Losing a Fellow Friend/Business Partner

The Devil in The White City , written by Erik Larson. As we had finished the book we had learned about two men. One who is the architect behind the world’s fair. Then, the other man who is a serial killer who actually uses the fair to get his victims. This book gives us great insight of what had happened back in 1893, when the world fair was being created. I believe the statement is true, where it states that each partner possessed a gift that the other partner needed in order to complete the job. Throughout making the world’s fair there were two main architects, John Root and Daniel Burnham. They were partners. “Burnham was said to be the business genius of his film, Root the artist.” (53). This quote shows how Larson gave each of the partners a specific talent, that at the same time, complemented each other. When Root had died it almost seemed like Burnham was anger. “…Burnham paced. A fire burned in the hearth behind him and cast large shadows on the opposing wall. “I have worked,” Burnham said, “I have schemed and dreamed to make us the greatest architect in the world – I have made him see it and kept him at it – and now he dies – damn!-damn!-damn!”…” (107-108). Then on the next page we see here Burnham is almost about to give up. He realized that he was not anything without Root. But, he finds a way to keep going in the end. In conclusion, this basically just shows is an insight of what had happened during the construction process. Which was a lot of interesting stuff, so i’m glad Larson made it into a book ! It also shows us the struggles while going threw the process of the construction, especially after Root, his partner/friend for 18 years, dies and he is left all alone with this big project. Burnham had been the brains, but Root had been the artist. They both needed each other to build the World’s Fair. Burnham had to take on both roles of the artist and the architect.

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Group Casting Decisions

While discussing casting choice for the movie, The Devil in the White City, directed by Martin Scorsese based on the book by Erik Larson. We found out that so far he has only released one character which would be played by Leonardo DiCaprio. We also found out that Leonardo would be playing the role as H H Holmes, in which we thought this was a good decision because of their similarities. My group and I discussed what each of us thought was the best choice for casting for the movie The Devil In the White City. Then, we all discussing each character and who we believed would be the best choice for that character.

To begin with we believe that Leonardo DiCaprio would be a great H H Holmes because of the descriptive features that fits him very well. Next we felt that Daniel Burnham would been great to be played as Matt Boomer, we think this because… Then, we chose John Root in which we all agreed that Gerald Butler would be best to play. Later on we decided that we would talk about Minnie Williams, which would be Lily Collins. We chose this actress because of the features she has is similar to Minnie. Larson describes Minnie as “… she was plain, short, and plump, her weight somewhere between 140 and 150. She had a masculine nose, thick dark eyebrows, and virtually no neck. Her expression was bland, her cheeks were full- a baby face”. Lily Collins was actually someone who I was unfamiliar with, so I had to look her up and see what she looked like. Also, Emaline Cigrand, who would be played by Rachel McAdams, … Lastly, we chose George Washington Gale Ferris to be Tom Sellick, …

In conclusion, choosing the right person for the part was very difficult because we all had different ideas of what the face of the charter should be. In the end we all pulled it together and had decided on one specific character for each part. My group mainly focused on the way the charters were described in the book, such as their features.

The Devil in the White City – Movie Cast

The title of the book I am going to be making a cast for is “The Devil in the White City” , the author of this book is Erik Larson. This book is being remade into a movie by Martin Scorsese. I believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is very stable for the part of H.H. Holmes, because DiCaprio is someone who can play many parts and act almost any scene. I believe that he is well known and people like him as an actor, so when the movie comes out they will most likely come to check it out. Larson describes Holmes very much like haw you would describe Leonardo DiCaprio. “… Holmes looked fresh and crisp … dressed well, conjuring an impression of wealth and achievement…”. “Had dark hair and striking blue eyes …” (35). Next, I believe that Scorsese should cast Gerard Butler as Daniel Burnham. I believe that Gerard will fit the casting description. Larson describes Daniel as “…hair turned gray, mustache white, but his eyes were blue…”(3). The way he is described fits Gerard, also he could play in this type of spot. I also believe Melissa McCarthy would be perfect to play Minnie. Larson describes Minnie as “…She was plain, short and  plump, her weight somewhere between 140 and 150. She had a masculine nose, thick dark eyebrows, and virtually no neck… a baby face…” (200). Melissa sounds perfect for the part, and I believe she would lighten up the movie with her funny personality.


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A Question of Freedom


Textual Analysis of A Question of Freedom


In this book we read about Dwayne Betts and how he was taken to prison because of a crime he committed when he was sixteen years old. Him and his friend had held a man at gunpoint, Betts never before handling a gun, carjacking him and taking his credit card, which is how the police found him and his friend. Then when he is in prison he realizes that he cannot let prison get the best of him and determine who he is, so he decides to do something about it. This is the point where we start on his journey through manhood. When beginning this journey, Betts discovers that prison life is not for him, and that he can become something better from the lesson that he has learned from being confined in this system. His lesson was that he wanted to write, writing was a way for him to venture out, and not think about the jail system. However, he did not clear everything out around him, being in jail also allowed him to start focusing on the world around him, and gave him some motivation to do better.

I believe that throughout this memoir the prominent theme is about the story of how Dwayne Betts goes through time in prison finding his freedom and developing into manhood. While reading this book we see what Betts had went through while his stay in prison. We also see how his time and the people around him had affected him. For instance, on page 38, when a latino named Droopy had stood up for Betts while he was being bullied. Betts had grew respect, but then felt bad. This changed his entire mindset. Betts says “I treated them the way I thought white people treated me…”. So, this taught him to never judge a book by it’s cover, just as people would have done for him, this experience had taught him something. Other experiences he had to go through had also taught him a very valuable lesson that will help him in the future. Also, reading and writing had kept him sane and sometimes saved him. On page 112-113 it talks about four young brothers who would every night talk in morse code. Then it says when Betts was little, he was interested in mystery novels, this tells us how he loved mysteries so them talking was just another mystery for him to find out and get inside knowledge about the prison. Dwayne then realizes all of the things that he is going to miss like prom, first driving experience, and not going to college. This had impacted him and his mom greatly.

In conclusion, Betts gave us an amazing memoir on his journey through prison. I believe that everyone has a time in their lives where they need to realize what they are living for, and this was Betts’. Before prison I believe that Betts did not understand who he truly was, and he was just living along with the world. Betts even states, “he wouldn’t believe the gun didn’t make him feel invincible, but trapped”(60). This tells a lot about Betts’ character, it shows that he did not know what to do in his situation, but he felt as if it was an obligation to do so, and that case he could not let the mission down.


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When relationships fall through

Wonder of the world is about a woman who is trying to find
her place in the world. While being married to Kip she discovers his disturbing secret that he waswonder-of-the-world hiding from her. She then realizes her life is boring and wants to change the way she has lived her life. So, she then packs up and goes on a trip to Niagara falls, along with her she brought a long list of things she plans to accomplish. While on her trip to Niagara falls she then meets some new friends who helps her mark things off of her list. Throughout the story Cass Harris and Kip Harris’s relationship affects the progression of the story.

If Cass would have never found out Kips secret she would have never ran away to change her life. We see that throughout their marriage Cass has completely told kip everything and included him in everything. But, when she sees that Kip did not do the same as she did she was hurt. Cass says “ …He made me feel empty. Because I had no secrets. I ad nothing extra inside me…And that’s why I came here…”(1.9). Also, having a list of goals made Cass feel as if she had something important to do, like her life was not completely boring. Being with Kip and discovering his secrets taught Cass to be herself and to better know the person she’s with. The entire reason Cass went to Niagara falls was because she never go to go with her family because of Kip. Cass says ”I’ve never been to Niagara Falls before. I almost went once. A family trip. But then Kip proposed, so I stayed behind to plan for our wedding, and my family went without me. They hit a beaver on the drive up … my mother was killed and my father’s legs were crushed…”(1.2). So, Cass blames Kip for this happening, She says “…I think if he hadn’t proposed, I would’ve gone with my parents…And my mother would still be alive and we would’ve gone on to see Niagara Falls, and maybe I would have met another man, the one I was meant to be with… “ (1.2). To Cass being with Kip had a huge impact on the way her life played out. She believe that he stopped her from seeing a lot of things she wanted to see.

Throughout the play we see how almost every character connects and how Kip basically was the reason for everyone meeting. Cass and Lois met because when Cass was leaving Kip she met Lois on the bus ride to Niagara Falls, they both had goals while being at Niagara Falls. Karla and Glenn was hired by Kip as private investigators to find Cass. Janie was a therapist who was hired by Kip to fix his and Cass’s marriage. Captain Mike had been someone who had helped her mark some things off of her list, she also believes he is the person she was supposed to marry. Kip and Cass’s marriage had greatly affected how the entire play played out and how this ‘road trip’ had connected everyone.

Soccer experience ⚽️

My name is Katlean Nicole Lopez and I currently attend Lenoir-Rhyne University. I have not yet decided on the major I plan to pursue. But, I am leaning towards something in business. I am mixed with my mom being caucasian and my dad being Mexican, which is where I got my last name from. When I was younger I first started playing soccer. Since then I have been playing soccer for fun. Although, I do not play on a team I still enjoy playing when I have free time. my dad is the one who got me into soccer. He had also been my “coach” while growing up.